We believe that the National Digital Identity initiatives can improve residents’ lives. Interested in making this vision a reality? Find out more about how our team harness technologies to realise the vision and shape the future.


Our comms team is at the forefront of new launches to create storytelling opportunities across touchpoints that resonate with our wide range of users to drive adoption and usage for Singpass.


Our design team looks out for the needs and pains of users to build a more inclusive product that can be enjoyed by all Singaporean residents.


Our engineering teams set up the ecosystem for success through the building of strong and secure architecture, accessible APIs, and modular codes.


Across GovTech and the Smart National & Digital Government Office, our policy teams enable the use of Singpass through the review of guidelines and legislation.


Our product teams work with partners and stakeholders to discover compelling use cases, define our product strategy, and decide how teams build and roll out new features.


Our programme office ensures the smooth running of the Singpass product family and engages our private and public sector partners to build services that are relevant to our users.