Discover what you can do with Singpass
Unlock your digital identity with Singpass to easily access government data sources, public services, and private platforms.

Register for Singpass

If you are new to Singpass, register for your Singpass account below.

You can refer to our step-by-step guidelines for more information.

Screenshot of Register for Singpass

Log in without passwords

Face Verification kiosks

Access digital services easily at selected public service centres: Simply scan your NRIC and verify with your face.

Tablet kiosk with the beginning of our facial verification login flow

Login shortcuts

Access important services with one tap from your Singpass app.

Screenshot of login shortcuts in Singpass app, like CPF E-services and Healthhub

QR Login

Scan the QR code on government and private sector digital services to log in with Singpass.

Screenshot of Singpass app’s consent screen, saying "Are you logging into CPF E-Services?"

Prove your identity in-person

Digital IC

Show your watermarked digital IC or tap the barcode button to prove your identity.

A driver licence card sliding into Singpass app

Peer-to-peer check
Coming Soon

Easily check key details of someone else's identity before granting them access

Verify details

Share your details from government sources with organisations without bringing any physical documents with you.

Screenshot of Singpass app’s consent screen, saying "Are you sending your details to Tan Tock Seng Hospital?"

Sign digitally, remotely and securely

Document signing

Sign documents and contracts wherever you are, with a validated signature viewable on your preferred system.

Screenshot of Singpass app's digital signing interface and an icon of a document being signed with a pen

You can refer to our user guide for more information on signing and validating documents.

Transaction signing

Authorise transactions remotely with your Singpass app.

Screenshot of Singpass app’s consent screen saying "Are you logging in to CPF e-Services?"

Access your personal data from government sources

Myinfo profile

View your latest personal information from different public agencies, all in one place.

Mockups of the Profile page in Singpass app, including Family, HDB and Income details

Autofill with Myinfo

Save time and avoid errors in form-filling by providing your details with one click.

A mockup of clicking a "Use Myinfo" button to fill up a form

Receive timely notifications

Reminders & updates

Stay updated on public announcements, personal reminders, and important issues.

An example of a reminder in Singpass app: make an appointment for passport application and collection

Bill payments
Coming Soon

Take action on your latest bills with automatic notifications via the Singpass app.

Renewal of documents

Receive timely renewal notifications in your inbox before your documents expire.

Screenshot of Singpass app's Inbox, with messages like Passport expiry

SGFinDex: A trusted platform to make financial planning easier

Financial planning made easier

Have a consolidated view of your personal financial data for more holistic financial planning.

Securely manage all your finances in one place

Use Singpass to log in to SGFinDex via a financial institution’s application(s) of your choice.

SGFinDex authorises with Singpass

Connect your accounts with financial institutions and government agencies

Log in to your accounts to connect them to SGFinDex. You may disconnect any account anytime.

Connecting to financial institutions
National Certificate Authority of Singapore

National Certification Authority: Providing trusted identity certificates for Singpass.