We keep your data safe and secure.

Consent-based access:

Consent-based access: Your consent is sought when your information is requested for transactions and will be shared with the organisations that you have given consent to.

Protecting your data:

Protecting your data: It's important to us to protect the use of your data in digital transactions; we encourage the use of data in a way that is in accordance with the applicable industry regulations and legislation.

Privacy-conscious design:

Privacy-conscious design: Be assured of your privacy when transacting on-the-go by easily hiding sensitive data in your Singpass app profile.

Always-on authentication:

Always-on authentication: Backed by encryption technologies and security safeguards, your Singpass app requires authentication for access to a service.


We build a trusted, flexible ecosystem.


Interoperability: You can access both public and private sector services and transact securely, using different features of your Singpass digital identity.

Digital-first form factor:

Digital-first form factor: Singapore's digital identity is built for long term resilience and convenience -- unlike a smart card, your Singpass app can be continuously updated and fortified.


We design to include all residents.

Inclusive design:

Inclusive design: Regardless of your context or preferences, Singpass app is built for inclusion with accessibility features such as voiceover and login shortcuts. We believe that designing for inclusion makes Singpass better for all of us.

Alternative modes of access:

Alternative modes of access: Prefer not to use the mobile app version of your digital identity? That's okay. Singpass continues to afford you different ways of accessing your identity, be it online or in-person, giving you freedom to transact the way you want.