Singpass is every Singapore resident's trusted digital identity, as well as a platform that bridges access to over 700 government agencies and private sector services. From checking your CPF, to renewing insurance policies, and signing digitally on documents, we have developed a suite of services and features to bring convenience to the everyday lives of citizens.

At the same time, Singpass is a key enabler of our national digital economy. The platform improves the efficiency of digital services by facilitating secure, consent-based verification for the private sector.

As the digital landscape evolves, so will Singpass. The continuous enhancements will strengthen our digital capabilities as a nation and position us as a trusted partner and leader in the global data ecosystem.

National Digital Identity Initiative

The National Digital Identity initiative (NDI) was introduced to provide better convenience and security for citizens when transacting online, with both the government and private sector.

The NDI, underpinned by Singpass, has brought together the Singpass app, Myinfo, and Myinfo Business to provide greater transactional security and ease of use. Moving forward, it will empower private and public sectors to develop value-added services based on a common and universal trust framework.

Open, Trusted & Connected

Singpass creates an open, connected and trusted ecosystem, helping businesses unlock opportunities and flourish beyond our shores.

In the same vein, it acts as a gateway for international businesses to transact with Singapore businesses, enabling and catalysing cross-border transactions. The open and trusted flow of data increases competitiveness through better access and connectivity on a global scale.