About us
Launched in March 2003, Singapore Personal Access (or Singpass) allows users to transact with over 60 government agencies online easily and securely.
Managed by the Government Technology Agency (GovTech), the Singpass system is reviewed regularly, and there are many on-going security enhancements to ensure that a secure Singpass service is delivered to our users.
Over the years, Singpass was enhanced to include an improved user interface, mobile-friendly features and stronger security capabilities, such as Two-Factor Verification (also known as 2FA) for digital transactions involving sensitive data.
With 2FA, users will need to enter their Singpass ID and password, then followed by a One-Time Password (OTP) sent via SMS, or use Singpass Face Verification that serves as an additional layer of security.
Users should also play their part to protect their account and personal information. Here are some tips:
  • Do not share login information: Keep your Singpass ID, password and 2FA details confidential.
  • Do not re-use passwords: Certain websites that you access may not be secure. Login information may be stolen from these sites and used to hack your Singpass account.
  • Change your passwords regularly
  • Use strong passwords: Strong passwords are alphanumeric and contain 8 to 24 characters.
  • Look out for phishing sites: There may be sites that look like government websites to trick you in disclosing your personal details. To verify if it is not a phishing website, always check that the URL is correct (www.singpass.gov.sg), and there should be a 'lock' icon in the address bar.
For more information about Singpass, check out our FAQs.
For Singpass Terms of use, click here.