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Your SingPass account contains a lot of personal data. Please do not share your username, password and 2FA details (SMS or Token OTPs) .

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Before you start, please ensure that:

1. You are eligible for SingPass

Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents
Passholders (Employment Pass, EntrePass, S-Pass, Dependant Pass,Long Term Visit Pass Plus)
Selected Work Permit Holders
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2. Your address as in your NRIC/FIN is updated. If not, Get more information here.

Please note:

1. You can only register for a SingPass account once. All SingPass account requests are final and cannot be canceled or re-submitted.
2. As your SingPass password will be mailed to your registered local address, please ensure that your address registered with the Government is up-to-date before proceeding.

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