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Security Enhancements for SingPass
As part of our ongoing effort to enhance the SingPass system, we have implemented the following security improvements that will take effect from 15 Sep 2012:

1)  SingPass Users will be prompted to change their password at their first login from 15 Sep 2012. The new password must be alphanumeric and contains 8-24 characters.

2)  SingPass passwords will expire every 2 years. Users will be prompted to change their password every 2 years.

3)  SingPass Users will need to enter a randomly-generated security codes after any failed login attempts. Click here for a sample of a security code.
Security Advisory
SingPass is a common password that allows you to access Government e-services. It is important for you to be vigilant in protecting the confidentiality of your SingPass.

Please click here for tips on online security. You may also find useful guides on how to safeguard your online security and other cyber security related information at
Security Awareness
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