Safeguard your digital identity
Keep your Singpass ID, password
and 2FA details confidential

Your digital identity contains personal information and should be treated like your physical identity card (e.g. NRIC or FIN).

Stolen credentials may be misused for illegal transactions such as money laundering, leading to monetary loss that can be hard to recover!

Stay vigilant
and stay safe online

User awareness is as crucial as our technical and operational safeguards. Always proceed with caution when transacting online.

Singpass portal

Singpass website with the address bar highlighted

Ensure that the website domain you’re accessing is, with a 'lock' icon in the address bar.

Singpass app

Singpass app screen and CPF website with URLs highlighted

Ensure that the URL domain displayed on your Singpass app’s consent page matches that on your browser.

Practise good
security hygiene

Be aware of your surroundings and never allow others to watch you enter your Singpass login and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) details.

Always log out of the digital service (on your internet browser) after you have completed your transaction.

Secure your device with biometric options and only register your own fingerprint or face on the device.

Ensure your computer’s operating system, web browsers and other software security patches are up to date. Only install software and updates from official sources.

speech bubble with letter i in the centre

Suspect that your Singpass has been compromised?